Who is ASTOP? What does ASTOP do in the Fond du Lac community?

These are questions I have received since starting my employment with ASTOP in January of this year.

ASTOP is an amazing organization, with a staff that has so much passion for helping the clients served. That is the first thing I realized when I walked through the door for the first time. But again – who is ASTOP and what does this organization do?

ASTOP is an acronym for Assist Survivors – Outreach – Prevention. These five words are a great summary of the services that ASTOP provides to survivors of sexual abuse.

ASTOP is a 501(c)(3) sexual abuse center. That means that ASTOP is an independent, nonprofit agency.

ASTOP is not part of Agnesian HealthCare (AHC). AHC has been a wonderful partner to ASTOP since its beginnings, however the two organizations are two separate entities. Because AHC believes so strongly in the ASTOP mission, they provide the agency with office space, telephones, electricity and all those other things we take for granted when we go into work every day. AHC also supports ASTOP in many additional ways, financially and otherwise. Put it this way – ASTOP wouldn’t be where it is today without AHC!

ASTOP has two counselors on staff who provide counseling. Free. No insurance needed. Isn’t that amazing? And they are two of the most caring people you will ever meet.

ASTOP supports survivors of sexual abuse throughout their court procedures. Our advocates attend court hearings with clients and encourage them through the entire process!

ASTOP responds to the emergency room at St. Agnes Hospital or the police department within an hour of the arrival of a person who has been raped or sexually assaulted. Day or night. Every single day of the year.

ASTOP has a prevention educator who teaches in the area schools and organizations throughout the year. This means that children as young a four years old are learning how to keep themselves safe through our curriculum, Protective Behaviors.

ASTOP receives state and federal grant money to carry on the mission, however couldn’t provide the services that are available without the help from our community. Every dollar contributed makes a difference!

I am really grateful to work for an organization like ASTOP. I love working at an agency who’s mission is serving those without a voice. We help them find that voice!