Do You Need Help?

Sexual assault is any sex act against your will, without your consent, or when you are unable to freely give consent and is against the law.

The majority of sexual assault survivors are assaulted by people they know.

Someone will answer your call. We have trained staff and volunteers eager to listen to you LISTEN, talk with you, support you, and BELIEVE you. You are not alone!

Sometimes it is easier to talk about sexual abuse for the first time with someone anonymous over the phone than a relative or close friend. We are trained and ready to listen. Please don’t hesitate to call… we are here for you!

  • You were sexually involved with a member of your family, a close family friend, or an acquaintance against your will.
  • You were raped, experienced date rape, or you were involved in any sexual contact against your will.
  • You were touched in ways that were secretive and confusing by anyone without your permission.
  • You were asked to touch the offender in a sexual way.
  • You were watched while undressing for the gratification of the offender.
  • The offender acted out sexually in some way, knowing that you could see or hear the behavior.
  • The offender talked inappropriately when you could hear what was being said.
  • Please make sure you are safe.
  • Call ASTOP Sexual Abuse Center, the police at 911 or RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) at 1.800.656.HOPE (they will connect you to the nearest sexual assault crisis center.)
  • DO NOT blame yourself.
  • Ensure you receive medical care for the assault or other injuries, for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy prevention.
  • Report the crime to police.
  • Believe your friend. It is very difficult to speak about like sexual assault, and victims who are not believed experience further trauma.
  • Support your friend. Do not judge, blame or criticize, even if they were doing something they should not have been doing (i.e., drinking and/or taking drugs.) It is important to remind your friend that their actions did not cause this to happen.