Our Mission

ASTOP is a sexual assault service provider offering treatment, outreach, prevention, and advocacy, emphasizing hope and connection to self and others. ASTOP values its commitment to stewardship very seriously. Our annual report to the community can be read here and our latest monthly agency report can be read here.

A Place for Healing

It is estimated one in four women and one in six men are sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday; the average age of abuse for a female is 13 – 17 years old and 4 years old for a male.

Although these numbers are shocking, we at ASTOP assist survivors of sexual abuse to break through the negative consequences their abuse can have. We offer HOPE, HEALING, and WHOLENESS for victims and families through trained, professional staff and caring volunteer support.

Please continue to partner with us as we speak out against the trauma of sexual violence. You can make a difference in our community!

Understanding Abuse

Survivors of sexual assault react different ways. Some may have strong feelings that ebb and flow at various times; others may feel nothing at all. It is important to know the assault is not your fault, and what you’re feeling is completely normal.

Click here for a printable resource to enhance understanding on the effects of sexual assault.

The link between crisis and recovery

ASTOP provides a link between crisis and recovery. The trained professional staff offers supportive services to survivors and affected family members of sexual abuse, rape or incest.

Serving the greater Fond du Lac, Ripon and Green Lake and Waushara communities. ASTOP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established to assist survivors with treatment, provide outreach services that create awareness of the impact of sexual abuse, and reduce the incidences of sexual abuse through prevention education programs.

What Others Are Saying

“Thank you for caring about us so much. You made a huge difference in this school.”

Fond du Lac Student

“I was comfortable enough to discuss issues I have never talked about. My issues and concerns were acknowledged.”

ASTOP Client

“(ASTOP helped me) to understand the differences in life experiences now and learn that there is more to life and learn that this was not my fault and stop blaming myself.”

ASTOP Client

“I would not have felt safe talking with anyone but a sexual abuse therapist about my issues. Safety is number one for me. Thank you so much for everything.”

ASTOP Client

“I am so grateful that there is an agency that specializes in therapy for sexual abuse victims. This specialization helped me get to the core of my issues and provided a safe place to discuss my feelings.”

ASTOP Client

“I found it so helpful that the counselor didn’t judge me and I trusted her so much. She is so spiritual and helped me to be too. I have coping techniques now.”

ASTOP Client

“Sometimes it’s scary talking about things, [but] because of this presentation, I will tell an adult if something happens or if something is bothering me.”

Fond du Lac Student

“I learned that it is important to be respectful and nice to people and to stand up for others around us. We never know what others are going through. Life is not always easy for people but if we can be a friend that can be helpful.”

Fond du Lac Student

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