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All ASTOP programs are free and confidential.

Explore and Utilize Our Free Services


24/7 Crisis and Advocacy Line

Sexual violence can have an everlasting impact on a person’s sense of safety, security, trust, and self-worth. ASTOP has advocates available 24/7. Advocates can be a support through a moment of crisis or even advocate a survivor through the medical and/or legal system. This line is a free and confidential line that anyone can contact at any time for support.


ASTOP’s counseling program is evidence-based and trauma-specific. ASTOP’s Licensed Professional Counselor’s offer various approaches to serve direct victims and survivors, as well as their loved ones. ASTOP’s LPC’s provide talk therapy, EMDR, TF-CBT, brainspotting, play therapy, and art therapy. ASTOP also offers various support groups and book clubs. Since 1992, ASTOP’s counselors have provided cost-free counseling to thousands of clients dealing with sexual violence trauma.


Counseling and educational groups are also provided for men and women in correctional residential treatment, substance abuse recovery programs, and patients in in-patient behavioral health. Counseling is provided to individuals of all ages.

Prevention Education and Outreach

Prevention Education and Outreach provides awareness and support to schools and communities. Prevention Education and Outreach are key to ending abuse and changing cultural stereotypes and norms that perpetuate sexual violence. ASTOP’s Prevention Educator is ready to go anywhere to offer a presentation on sexual violence, Love 146 Not a Number facilitation, and self-protective behaviors.


After instruction, we have found that 98% of the students we visit can identify at least 2 or 3 of the early warning signs that they are in danger. They also can name at least one person in their network whom they can tell. Since August 1991, ASTOP has taught the Protective Behaviors curriculum to tens of thousands of area children, adolescents, adults, and professionals. This program has a proven record of success. If you would like to schedule a presentation at your school or community organization, please contact us.



The advocacy program at ASTOP serves as a vital lifeline for survivors of sexual violence, offering comprehensive support and guidance through every step of their journey towards healing and justice. Trained advocates provide compassionate assistance, helping survivors navigate complex systems such as medical, legal, and social services, while also offering emotional support and empowering survivors to reclaim their autonomy and voice. Through personalized advocacy, survivors are equipped with the resources and information needed to make informed decisions about their recovery and pursue pathways to justice on their own terms. The program not only amplifies survivors' voices but also works tirelessly to dismantle barriers to access and ensure that survivors are treated with dignity, respect, and understanding throughout their healing process.

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